Lake Aquitaine 2013-08-31

A photo-walk around Lake Aquitaine in Meadowvale, Ontario

Alton Mill 2013-09-15

A photo-walk in and around Alton Mill, Caledon, Ontario

Forks of the Credit 2013-09-28

A photo-walk of the Forks of the Credit Park looking to capture some of the early fall colors ... although an unexpected arduous walk, it was still worth the effort.

San Francisco to Big Basin Redwood State Park 2013-10-11

From our San Francisco / Monterey Vacation of 2013 ... most of these pictures were taken from the passenger seat of the car while a few were taken from "turn outs" along the way. The route was from San Francisco International airport along Highway 1 to Half Moon Bay; then along El Honda Road to Old El Honda Road; then finally reaching Big Basin Redwood State Park.

Big Basin Redwood State Park 2013-10-11

Redwood Trees! Yes, one of my top three things to do while we were on our San Francisco - Monterey Vacation was to make sure we saw the Redwoods. Although the journey to get to them was harrowing, their beauty and majesty made that all fade away.

Monterey Bay Aquarium 2013-10-12

My first aquarium visit since I was a kid, and my childhood memories were not disappointed. These images captured some of the uniqueness of this place and its inhabitants, not to mention some of the landmark Cannery Row sites as well.

Lake Aquitaine 2013-12-22

The aftermath of a severe icestorm

Lake Aquitaine 2013-12-21

First day of Winter 2013

The Singles

A collection of various single images ... just somewhere to keep them all organized.

Jack Darling Park 2014-02-15

Jack Darling Park, Mississauga, Ontario after a few days of heavy snow

Niagara Falls 2014-03-08

A late-winter trip to "The Falls" when most of the Niagara river is still frozen from an extremely cold Winter 2013

Saddington Park 2014-03-30

A small park with some interesting views of the Port Credit river as it empties into Lake Ontario.

Sigma Samples

A sampling of images taken with a Sigma 200-300 lens and a dandelion image taken with a Canon 28-80 lens in and around Lake Aquitaine.