Add a widget area to the footer of any theme by way of the wp_footer action hook. Works just like the widget areas commonly created with code in the functions.php template file.


Latest version: Download BNS Add Widget v1.0 [zip]


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload bns-add-widget.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate through the ‘Plugins’ menu.
  3. Read
  4. Add your widget choice to the BNS Add Widget area under Appearance | Widgets

— or –

  1. Go to ‘Plugins’ menu under your Dashboard
  2. Click on the ‘Add New’ link
  3. Search for bns-add-widget
  4. Install.
  5. Activate through the ‘Plugins’ menu.
  6. Read
  7. Add your widget choice to the BNS Add Widget area under Appearance | Widgets


Q. How can I get support for this plugin?
A. Please note, support may be available on the WordPress Support forums; but, it may be faster to visit:

Q. How can I style the plugin output?
A. The plugin uses the register_sidebar() WordPress function; additional classes are added via the plugin code:

  • .bns-add-widget
  • h2.bns-widget-title
  • .bnsaw-credit



  • Released February 2016
  • Added links to plugin meta row for more community involvement
  • Added some helper methods
  • Added .pot and en_CA translation files
  • Updated location of custom CSS for plugin
  • Updated copyright years in all files


  • Released November 2015
  • Change to singleton format
  • Moved update_message into class
  • Removed bns-add-widget.pot file in favor of


  • Released April 2015
  • Added bnsft_in_plugin_update_message function
  • Added bns-add-widget.pot translation file
  • Cleaned up code to get rid of extraneous comments
  • Corrected $exit_message to be i18n compatible
  • Updated copyright year


  • Released April 2014
  • Reformat code to better meet WordPress Coding Standards
  • Update Copyright year


  • Released December 2013
  • Code Reformatting (nothing to see here)


  • Release May 2013
  • Version number compatibility updates


  • Release February 2013
  • Documentation and comments
  • Fixed misread token issue


  • Release November 2012
  • Added filter hook and CSS wrapper to credit text
  • Removed load_plugin_textdomain as redundant


  • Implemented OOP style coding methods
  • Documentation improvements


  • Set stylesheet versions to dynamically match the plugin version
  • ‘readme.txt’ updates


  • Documentation updates
  • Updated long description
  • Added license references to ‘readme.txt’ header section


  • confirmed compatible with WordPress 3.4


  • confirmed compatible with WordPress 3.3
  • added phpDoc Style documentation
  • added i18n support
  • added bnsaw-style.css for plugin specific elements
  • added conditional enqueue of bnsaw-custom-style.css stylesheet for end-user modifications
  • added description parameter to widget area definition
  • added additional style for widget area
  • updated required WordPress version to 2.7


  • confirmed compatible with WordPress version 3.2-beta2-18055
  • removed conditionals checking for *_sidebar functions
  • lowered required WordPress version to 2.2


  • Confirm compatible with WordPress 3.1 (beta)


  • compatible with WordPress version 3.0
  • cleaned up CSS elements to better match WordPress default widget code


  • compatible with WordPress version 2.9.2
  • updated license declaration


  • clarified the plugin is released under a GPL-compatible license


  • Initial release.

For plugin support, please visit the Support forums or visit Thank you!