My days are busy, full, something they even feel never-ending but for the most part I still try to keep abreast of what’s happening in the WordPress community even if it’s just at a very high overview most days.

Catching up in my twitter feed I find the WordPress theme review team (which I have stepped back from active involvement due to time constraints, as noted above … as well as other items to discuss a different day) has again fallen onto the guidelines to disrupt a large user base with the suspension of a very popular theme. I find this to be very concerning not only for those users but for the community on a whole.

Although the author of the theme did open themselves to scrutiny by submitting new versions while certain theme review guidelines had not been addressed I support their decision to accept suspension of their theme rather than break what appears to be 300,000+ installations of it.

I hope that their decision does not further affect those directly affected by the theme’s suspension such as the team supporting the theme (as well as many others by the author) going forward.

After many years as a theme review team admin (actually, the very first volunteer admin) it would be a shame that not having time to review themes (which excludes me from admin and key reviewer only discussions) also silenced my devil’s advocate voice as well.