Terri and I were out and about on the weekend and we decided to stop in at a camera outlet store as we were passing by … literally passing by, I made one of those right turns from the far left (three lanes over); at the stop light no less.

We walked into the store and started looking around, neither of us were really looking for anything in particular just whiling away the afternoon together. Every time we go to this store I always stop to look at the “used” lenses and happened across a good condition Sigma Zoom 100-300 1:4.5-6.7 DL lens. The glass was clean and as far as I could tell also clear. I hung onto it and continued to look around. Terri found herself a great “macro” lens at the other end of the table, a Canon 28-80mm, that she is very happy about, too. I’m sure she will post some of her pictures soon enough at Terri’s Tales.

We eventually talked to one of the sales associates and put the lenses on a T series Canon to check the optics … for the prices we paid we’re happy, even though the Sigma is a little quirky at lower zoom values.

The following is a sampling of the pictures I took with my T3i and the Sigma lens. I wasn’t really having much luck with post-production so Terri offered to see what she could come up with. The gallery below is the result.

Just to note, the dandelion image was taken and processed by Terri with the Canon lens.