Do you stockpile posts? Do you have an idea file that you pick and choose from to write just the right post at just the right time? I rarely do, but sometimes an idea just needs to be kept aside for just the right occasion. Hopefully soon a post I wrote will leave the draft status to live as published … and to add to this mystery: expect it to appear on another site.

Normally I post stream of conscious writings here and will likely keep that style. I find it very freeing to just simply write whatever comes to mind. I write. I edit. I write some more. I edit more … sometimes I stumble, sometimes my fingers dance across the keyboard. I still find it completely amazing how well my touch-typing skills have improved over the last few years of blogging, writing, and coding.

Of course, on other sites I often write with a planned idea in mind. Some of these posts are often written over a number of days. Typically I will think of an idea; consider how I want to convey the topic at hand; then, begin writing. I tend to save these posts as a drafts for a day or so but eventually after several re-reads and usually an edit or two more these posts are published as well. Feel free to stop by my other sites to read them.