One of my favorite dinners is bangers and mash au gratin. It’s a simple dinner to prepare and only takes about an hour from start to table. It may not be the best dinner to serve with our current temperatures but it is well worth the heat and efforts. Below is a gallery of random pictures of dinner tonight. The basic recipe is rather simple although it is not always the easiest to find the bangers to use.

Follow along if you will:

  1. Start with instant mashed potatoes (it’s just easier)
  2. While the mashed potatoes are cooking start the bangers
  3. The potatoes will be ready long before the bangers, put a lid on them and set aside for later
  4. After the bangers are cooked, make the sauteed onions
  5. Grate the cheese while the onions cook
  6. Once the onions are ready add the gravy and cook together
  7. Put everything together: bit of gravy/onion mix; bangers; rest of gravy/onion mix; potatoes; grated cheese
  8. Bake for 20 minutes at 400°F in the oven
  9. Serve … and Enjoy!
  10. … and do not forget to share.

PS: Alcoholic beverages are purely optional … but strongly suggested.