One of the great expectations when looking behind the curtains is to find a well oiled machine flawlessly producing faith, hope, and understanding. One does not expect to find a broken down disarray of disconnected thoughts and ideas where even the most basic building blocks are skewed and uneven.

Welcome to a meeting I just recently attended. Who and what are really not that relevant but the whole idea of preparedness and cohesion with an organizing committee is one that carries a great deal of weight when putting it behind an ideal plan.

When inviting clients to have a look around: the machine, at least, should be assembled if has not already been test run properly.

The product should be what the consumer is expecting as well. An offering of a similar but unrelated product does not necessarily provide an appropriate return on investment or make for a great user experience; it often creates a glut of unwanted goods and services that could be potentially damaging in the long run.

Burning the midnight oil and challenging your market with a new spin on a tried and true idea can produce unexpected gains; but, you must have a firm understanding of your target audience; their wants; and, their needs for the gamble to pay off.