After our harrowing experience driving on mountain roads to get where we were going. We were almost to the point where we had enough and just wanted to find our way out of the wilderness … and a freeway to Monterey. We pretty much stumbled upon the park, so much so that we didn’t think we were even at the right place and dreaded the very thought of having to return the way we had just driven. Fortunately we had finally found Big Basin Redwood State Park … and with the help of the park rangers also found we could just keep driving and find our way back to Highway 1 and a more or less safe road to Monterey, too.

Before we left, we paid a second time for day-use of a state park and proceeded to take our time following a simple trail through the trees. Here are some of the picture from the day:


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Travel Tip: When touring California State Parks, you only have to pay once … and just remember to display your ticket in the driver’s side front window … for any State Park visit that day.