Clear and transparent communication is the key to any conversation.

Unfortunately when one does not know the end results and another has that expectation unfortunate issue are most likely to ensue.

Clarity provides the cornerstone of managing expectations. If you do not explain the situation clearly enough and with the appropriate amount of transparency you cannot expect to get the desired results. 

I recently accepted an offer of employment based on a specific job description. I am well suited for the job although after accepting the offer the job’s description apparently no longer applied.

The skills and expectations of the role were not the same as those the job description detailed, neither were these new duties and expectation stated in the initial job offer message nor the subsequent offer letter and contract. Although I was, and still am, more than willing to take on those responsibilities, the company ultimately chose not to provide an adequate amount of time for me to do so.

This is very disappointing on many levels, and could have been avoided with a little clarity.