When presenting ideas, or ideals, the delivery is quite likely the most important aspect of getting the points across. You can dress up an idea in bold colors and flashing lights but if there is no substance to the topic what benefits will all the glitz and glitter bring.

Content is king … let the jesters play on the side.

When you write, or speak, do so clearly and succinctly; and, remain focused on the topic at hand. All of the digital dancing bears or funny props only detract from the message, the topic deserves to be presented in an appropriate fashion. That does not mean humor and fancy should not be used, but simply means it should be used wisely. The content matters most … the fluff surrounding it, not so much.

I offered the quote above as encouragement in a comment here. This idea speaks to reader and listener alike: consider the message, not the messenger, when addressing the usefulness of the presentation.