The blogging age has generated an untold amount of new and interesting ideas and views. Some very relevant to today’s society; some, just as other wordly as can possibly be imagined; and, many more in between.

The Internet has allowed most anyone with the time, and inclination, to write their very own opus; and, to espouse its virtues.  No longer do you need to go to great expense of printing your thoughts on real paper and finding a method to distribute them en masse; just visit one of your local online blogosphere emporiums. If you have not already digitized your burgeoning world shaking thoughts, create an account and have at it.

Have a look around at these web sites:,,, LiveJournal.comthe list goes on.

These wonderous places are free to visit, Internet access service fees aside. Most are designed to reach out to the bastions of search engines, not only for themselves but to spread your ideas as well. Which is primary in their design plans would be a completely different discussion.

I marvel at some of these ideas being put forth and am dumbfounded by others.  There truly does not seem to be rhyme or reason to some of these writings or rantings, missives or mission statements; and yet they continue to proliferate and grow along the lines of the interwebs; fill the blogosphere; and, migrate into other places of digital repute.

They are out there in the digital realm. Read them at your leisure; or, at the risk to your sanity?!

Leave a comment with your thoughts and observations. There is always room to grow.