Well not really, but with home ownership comes a certain amount of a requirement to become at least a little bit handy around the house doing minor, and sometimes not so minor repairs.

This Saturday just past, with some more work last night (and still a bit more to go) I am very grateful for the help one of my newest friends (Bob!) gave me with replacing the stairs leading into our family room (also known as my home office space). There were a couple of cracked treads that needed to be replaced and my wife with her industrious ways was able to locate some new oak treads and risers Bob and I used to replaced/re-inforce the old pine(?) treads and risers.

The stairs leading up to the bedrooms needs to be tackled soon but at least we have a much better idea what we will be looking at now that the lower stairs are almost complete.

Today, just a short while ago, I also finally got around to replacing the GFCI outlet in the lower bathroom, which also appears to have corrected the issues with the outlet on the other side of the wall (and presumably on the same circuit). Another one for the win column!

Looking forward to more projects around the house yard now that I have taken a few slivers and zapped myself a few times … it’s all part of the fun owning a home. I hope you are able to enjoy these things too.