Sometimes you cannot look at the clock, you might even be best moving to a room without one, taking off your watch and covering the date/time details on your computer, too.

There are likely to be times when you have no control over your schedule no matter how well you planned your time; life happens, it’s that simple.

What can you do about that? The first thing is don’t worry about it, remember the clock? Well it’s no where to be seen so why does time really matter, the real key is to accomplish the goals you set out to; or, at least re-assess the goals you wanted to achieve and take a win with what you did accomplish.

It’s unrealistic to expect your goals will be met every day, unless you not setting the bar high enough to challenge yourself in the first place.

Is it time yet? Yes. No. Maybe … the real question should be, have I accomplished what I wanted to get done today?

If you did, well done! If you didn’t, take a look at what stopped you and find ways to overcome these obstacles going forward; and, take the wins of the day where you can.

Learning, my every day goal, is not measured in time, it’s measured in achievements.