Biding ones time is likely the most common form of patience shown, or in other words patience is the art of waiting; but, what does waiting accomplish for the patient person?

You may often gain a clearer picture of a situation with unseen influences and unknown circumstances becoming apparent after a judicious application of patience.

The patient fisherman waits for just the right moment to set the hook before reeling in their catch. The seasoned farmer practices patience waiting to reap the greatest harvest. A wily adversary will wait patiently for their opponent to make an error and capitalize on it.

… and some would even say:

Revenge is a dish best served cold.
an old French proverb*

*NB: In early literature this proverb is used, usually, to persuade another to forestall vengeance until wisdom can reassert itself although this ideal is lost in more recent occurrences found in literature and the cinema.