Yesterday was another great gathering of the Toronto WordPress Meetup group.

Alfred presented a great overview of Custom Fields and some of their potential uses. There was a great follow-up discussion talking about various uses and ideas how to implement them. Potential issues and concerns were also discussed as part of the presentations Q&A session afterward.

Our second presenter, Martin, was unable to attend due to an emergency which, to my understanding, the situation is much improved … stay healthy, Martin!

With the open session, the group discussed various points in regards to the recent release of WordPress 3.0 as well as helping one of our members work through a manual upgrade of one of their web sites.

Last, and actually first as well as on a personal note, I was given the fortunate experience of meeting a visiting group of Chinese Professors from north of Shanghai on my way to the Meetup.

I like to watch people, and simply could not help myself but smile when I saw this group of people enter onto the subway train and in a very tourist fashion start taking pictures of the various items of interest, such as the route map above the door, the station platform through the door windows … and me. I’m hoping to have copies of the pictures I was in emailed to me for a future post. In the meantime, please visit one of the group’s web site here: (we exchanged calling cards). It may not be a WordPress site but maybe being a dot-com they will consider it … and QQ, as my new friend says refers to laughing. Enjoy the site, although you may need to brush up on your Chinese (or use a translator).