There are just some things that really get under my skin and comments like this “… beyond the support levels expected from this volunteering forum” really burn me up.

You might ask, where ever did you see that? The WordPress forums of all places?!

Now, to qualify this, I spend a great deal of time every working day in the WordPress forums and I cannot accept this, period.

Whether you are providing support as a volunteer; out of the goodness of your heart; giving back to the community; or, just providing quality support for your plugin you should always strive to improve. This not only benefits yourself but you also become better at helping others as well.

Set the bar high! Do yourself a favor … as well as those you are trying to help. Don’t accept “the support levels expected” … go beyond, go above and beyond!! Give back to the community by making it better not maintaining the status quo.

How do you set the bar high in your support efforts?