It’s Friday and another week has passed by without any other posts being made here. I really do like to write. Often times I will have a stroke of genius only to realize it was just a stroke of madness when the idea hit me.

I was going to write a post about lists … seriously?! Lists?!! I must have been mad. No matter how many times I tried to start the grandiose Lists post I could get no further than the second sentence; then, it became unbearably boring, in a psychologically painful manner, to add even a few more characters let alone more words.

It seems a lot of the time I want to sit down and write I often find myself distracted or pulled in another direction … or just simply drawing a blank when the blank screen is staring back at me, as if taunting me to fill the space with anything … gibberish, Jabberwocky excerpts, badly written haikus?!

Are you a writer? blogger? digital philosopher? I still really like that term, digital philosopher, it brings to mind a vision of new-age poets and scribes. Individuals who can bring together words and phrases and bon mots that share an idea, simple message, an epiphany that others will read … and share.

Let your thoughts be genius and your madness creative for in these strokes of writing madness comes the ideas of creative genius.