Election Day is soon upon us; and, one of the key issues is the matter of Internet access and pricing policies of service providers.

OpenMedia.ca has been working hard to champion the cause of bringing this information to light so voters can make an informed decision with their next federal election vote. To that point, a letter to the Conservative Party representative in your local riding can be sent from their site. Here is the boilerplate text of the letter (please note you are able to change this at their site):

The Conservative Party of Canada is the one party that has not responded to the Digital Future Survey put out by OpenMedia.ca. Canadians want to learn more about where all the parties stand on rising Internet fees. By refusing to answer us, you are leaving voters in the dark.

When your party stood up against the pay meter on our Internet this winter I thought you were on our side. In flippantly dismissing the Digital Future Survey, the Conservatives are giving the cold shoulder not only to the half-a-million Canadians who signed the Stop The Meter petition, but to all voters concerned with Canada’s digital future. Please put pressure on your party leaders to respond to citizens, and clarify the Conservative vision for Canada’s digital future.

Your party’s positions (or lack thereof) on key Internet issues will help guide my voting decision.

Right now you have a unique opportunity to let voters know where you stand, and I want to hear from you.

I want to know that, if elected, you will stop the pay meter on our Internet and work to increase Internet access, competition, transparency, and choice. And I want to know how.

Please become a pro-Internet candidate, and ask your party to let citizens in on the Conservative plan for Canada’s digital future.

Vote Responsibly!