Technically I started vacation Friday but yesterday was the real beginning.

[rant] Friday was three hours of “live help”-less support from my current Internet services provider. After threatening the CSR with canceling the service I was finally able to force them to try and help. Unfortunately the person did not have the skill set to do the job. I eventually sorted through the issue on my own well enough to restore full Internet service at the cost of my VoIP services … can you say not happy? [/rant]

Yesterday … yesterday was a great day! We had to take our foster bunny Peanut in to our vet for a minor treatment. He needed his teeth trimmed due to malocclusion of his incisors. Afterward we returned home with Peanut, then my wife and I went for lunch.

My wife decided to surprise me with the place so we got into the car and she said we’re going to Port Credit.

We ended up at Snug Harbor on one of their patios and enjoyed a great fresh fish lunch which I washed down with a couple of pints of my favorite beer, Stella Artois. We then walked along the pier to the lighthouse at the end taking a few pictures along the way.

There were some rowers in single, double, and four-man with coxswain; some young men clowning around on the edge of the causeway; numerous seagulls; and some friendly graffiti, too. Check out the gallery below.