You have just updated your WordPress installation and are looking at the latest “About WordPress” page.

You are reading about:

  • A “Colorful New Theme” (Twenty Thirteen)
  • How you can “Write with Confidence” (Explore Revisions, Improved Autosaves, and Better Post Locking)
  • New “Support for Audio and Video” (New Media Player, and Embed Music from Spotify, Rdio, and SoundCloud)
  • and, you are seeing improvements “Under The Hood” (Audio/Video API, Semantic Markup, JavaScript Utilities, Shortcode Improvements, Revision Control, and External Libraries)

Now that you have read about all these great improvements, please take a moment to click on the “Credits” tab on the About page and have a look at all of the contributors to this latest version.

I’m quite proud, and humbled, to say I was one of the many contributors to core for this release; and, would like to thank everyone for their contribution(s)!

Thank you to one and all!
Thank you to one and all!