Maybe the question should be: where do you write?

I’m writing about two different ideas of “where”. The place where you publish your writings; and, the place where the creative juices flow and you actually put digital pen to electronic paper.

Personally I find that sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to have multiple sites to write for. I have three major domains of my own that I write content for; and, I have often and still do consider writing guest posts for a few other sites. This is content writing I am referring to, not some quick blurb of an aside or status update. Those types of posts would add another two or three sites I write for if taken into consideration. This creates a bit of a push-me-pull-you effect when the post idea has a cross-over potential between sites. I believe one should not just simply copy and paste the same content from one site to another creating the dilemma of: where do I write?!

One of the great beauties of writing here is my thoughts can meander around and really just accomplish more or less not too much at all; but, how often can you realistically reference a Pushmi-Pullyu and have it be relevant?! Give it a try sometime, it really can be quite liberating. (This paragraph is also one of the primary reasons I have been developing a new and interesting plugin … more to follow elsewhere.)

The other where of this topic is perhaps what sparked my writing today. Where do I write? I write wherever I can find a space to write my thoughts down. My home office, my work place, the subway, a laundromat, a coffee shop, a park … just about anywhere is the answer; but, I also find the physical where has a dramatic affect on the digital where.

… and as for the question of when do you write; that will be a topic for another time. Enjoy!