Did you know I have several WordPress powered web sites? Of course you do! This is one, my personal domain, where I often let my writings ramble and wander and sometimes even I have no idea where they will go.

BuyNowShop.com is another WordPress powered web site I own and operate. I often refer to it as BNS and use those initials on the plugins I write and release for mine and other WordPress.org powered web sites. If you are looking for information about my WordPress themes or plugins feel free to drop by and have a read. Each has their own page, leave a complaint or a compliment … constructive criticism is always welcome.

If you want to read about an interesting function, pick up a tip, or a trick to improve or customize your WordPress web site then surf over to another of my web sites, WPFirstAid.com and find code behind some of the functions and features I have used in my themes and plugins. Explained and free to use on your own site or in your own WordPress theme or plugin, too.

… and last but not least, visit my first WordPress powered web site where it all started: Rattitude.com. This is where you will find information about fancy pet rats and other related items of interest. Find out about these marvelous companion animals and maybe learn why I say, rat … the new dog!