Although WordCamp Toronto 2011 was last weekend there were several ideas I will be taking away from it in regards to future development, best practices, as well as some interesting concepts and discussions. To keep it simple I’m just going to list these items (with their inspiration):

There were many more ideas and great pieces of advice, as well as some really sound tips and suggestions through the day (which I simply made myself comfortable in the Developer track for the duration).

The above were just the ones I specifically made note of (literally using the “Sticky Notes” program).  Don’t ask me why I didn’t use EverNote at the time, but all of the above are now listed in an EverNote list for future reference and recollections.

Some of these ideas I am already putting into action, such as the inline documentation in a PHPDoc style; some items I had already been looking at; and others are more as reminders to keep thinking about what can be done.

Just like my site tagline at WPFirstAid: It’s WordPress … anything is possible!