It’s on … and, yes, I am involved with the event as a co-organizer.

WordCamp Toronto 2013 will be held in the fall at a well known and historical Toronto location. The full details of the date and the venue will follow soon …

This year, the current WordCamp Toronto Organizers team members are, in alphabetical order:

Obviously the official announcements will be easily found at the official WordCamp Central site:, but we will also be making use of the official unofficial WordCamp Toronto site at: where you will be able to see WordCamp Toronto as it is planned … and be able to participate in those discussions.

Some important points to note with this year’s version of WordCamp Toronto:

I am looking forward to an exciting next six months as we plan, organize, and have a great deal of fun presenting WordCamp Toronto 2013 …
… and I am looking forward to seeing everyone there, too!

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