“Working with WordPress” and “Working on WordPress” may seem synonymous but the philosophy of each phrase will definitely affect the code you share and support going forward.

When you work with something, it becomes a partnership, a collaboration, a team effort and more often than not an ongoing relationship; while working on something is more like getting it done and moving on … like fixing a car.

All of the major functionalities of most any application, plugin, theme idea can be found in WordPress core code already, the key is in the creative implementation of that code.

Obviously you may need to add some custom code to accomplish building your idea or adjust some specific functionality to be applied differently but that is also the basis behind using the various API and hooks readily available in WordPress. You just need to extend where needed and fine tune the rest. It’s WordPress … anything is possible!

It’s all there for the … taking. Yes, you can take the code and use it as you see fit, just remember to give credit where credit is due and provide the proper attributions.

Not sure where to find something, or even if it exists? Try these developer references:

Maybe you just need a nudge in the right direction? Have you tried any of the numerous Slack channels where many WordPress community members share their time and thoughts (not to mention ongoing development conversations)?

Stay in touch with what is happening with WordPress development, too. Keeping up with new functionality and corrections to core will only benefit you in the long-run. It might even spark an idea using some new functionality being added to core.

As you continue to improve your own WordPress projects, especially with a community of thousands contributing back to it, you will most likely need to build less and less on WordPress while moving to building more and more with WordPress. You may even be one of those contributors that makes life easier for another WordPress developer.

Why work on something, some might even say re-inventing the wheel, when you can simply get behind the wheel and start driving with WordPress from the start … or work with WordPress and help others get the start they may need to bring their awesome ideas to life.

I will always advocate working with WordPress, what are your thoughts?