I will be delivering a brief overview at the WordPress Toronto April 2010 Meetup on how I recently created a plugin. This will be the first presentation made for the Meetup group; and, as part of the ongoing agenda ideas, the WordPress theme for this meeting.

The plugin, BNS Category Plus, was created for the HCAS Volunteers group and may be publicly available in the near future. The concept extends the default Categories plugin to allow additional options. The overview will cover some design ideas and programming tips on how this and other plugins can be quickly created to fill a niche. I will also talk about the tools and resources I use to write and research plugin code.

The slides from the presentation are available as a PDF here: [download id=”1″]

A link to the BNS Category Plus code will be provided once it is publicly released; meeting attendees are also welcome to contact me for a copy of the BNS Category Plus code before its release.