Another new development with the WordPress Theme Review Team (WPTRT) is the additional responsibility of managing the Theme Trac system. Below are the basic permission sets, with links to the Trac wiki for additional details. Currently there are four basic sets in the following top-down order:

  • reviewer-manager
    • PERMISSION_ADMIN – All PERMISSION_* permissions

  • reviewers
    • TICKET_CREATE – Create new tickets

       (also allows for the re-opening of tickets)

      TICKET_MODIFY – Includes both TICKET_APPEND and TICKET_CHGPROP, and in addition allows resolving tickets. Tickets can be assigned to users through a drop-down list when the list of possible owners has been restricted.

      • TICKET_APPEND – Add comments or attachments to tickets

        TICKET_CHGPROP – Modify ticket properties (priority, assignment, keywords, etc.) with the following exceptions: edit description field, add/remove other users from cc field when logged in, and set email to pref

  • authenticated
    • TICKET_APPEND – Add comments or attachments to tickets

      TICKET_EDIT_CC – Full modify cc field

      WIKI_CREATE – Create new wiki pages

      WIKI_MODIFY – Change wiki pages

  • anonymous
    • MILESTONE_VIEW – View milestones and assign tickets to milestones.

      REPORT_SQL_VIEW – View the underlying SQL query of a report

      REPORT_VIEW – View reports, i.e. the "view tickets" link.

      ROADMAP_VIEW – View the roadmap page, is not (yet) the same as MILESTONE_VIEW, see #4292

      SEARCH_VIEW – View and execute search queries

      TICKET_VIEW – View existing tickets and perform ticket queries

      TIMELINE_VIEW – View the timeline page

      WIKI_VIEW – View existing wiki pages

      Repository Browser – ALL Views

The above permissions are based on a standard installation of Trac with the addition of the user groups: reviewer-manager and reviewers. The reviewer-manage group consists of Simon Prosser and myself. The reviewers group will consist of those users who have been actively participating in Theme reviews and consistently following the Theme Review page guidelines and standards as the basis for their review comments.

The authenticated group is all users who are logged in. To log in just use your username and password. This is essentially the default group and will allow logged in users to make comments on tickets. This provides authors and other interested individuals the ability to use the Trac system to communicate their concerns, questions, or complaints in regards to their relevant ticket(s). This will also allow for new users to become involved with the Theme Review Team as well. Although this group does not have permission to resolve tickets they are more than able to do a full review and participate in the process.

The anonymous group simply allows for all the relevant viewing permissions so you can look around and read without having to log in.

As an aside, I developed the above list with the help of the Mindmap software Freeplane, if you are interested in a copy of the mindmap download this file. (You may have to right-click and Save Link As … with a .mm extension.)