Sometimes you just have to take a step back and have a look at what you’re doing to get a real sense of where you are and where you want to be.

Am I happy? This truly fundamental question should be asked and more importantly honestly answered. Ultimately the answer is simply yes or no.

If you can honestly tell yourself, in an unfaltering voice, yes then you should count yourself blessed.

If you cannot answer with a resounding yes then it begs the question: why not? Which leads to more questions often times revolving around what needs to change to make your life happier. What needs to happen to answer that question, am I happy, with a steadfast yes?

The reality of the question really comes down to what makes you happy and how many of those things have to be met for you to say you are happy?

Do I have the answers to this? No… well, not really.

I have some thoughts on this but really when it comes down to it there are only a few significant items on my list:

  • Healthy family
  • Quality work-life balance
  • A challenging healthy work environment
  • Comfortably meeting all financial obligations
  • … and living in interesting times