I’m not really leaving or running away… well, maybe a little bit… I just think it’s time to come to the realization that WordPress, as much as it has provided for some definite improvements in my life is not something I am actively involved in anymore.

The community has, for the most part, been supportive although it has changed… and not necessarily for the greater good although the project itself has not greatly suffered all the same.

I’ve also noticed some good people are no longer really involved in the current ecosystem and it seems many that are will just be finishing up their current projects and or fulfilling their current role duties before moving on completely as well.

I do wish those involved with WordPress all the success although I only see my future involvement along the lines of “developing as a creative”.

I still see and believe “Code is Poetry” and without any pressure to produce, the sheer pleasure of coding is returning again.

Bye-Bye WordPress… until we meet again.