Monday nights (for the most part) Terri and I play darts in the “Valley Town Mixed Dart League”. It’s a great deal of fun and a good night out for all involved, but one of the things that seems to stress players (usually captains, co-captains, or their assigns) is the player rotation for the night.

There are a few league rules that pertain specifically to how the team sets up their player rotation and unfortunately not every league night has every team player show up … life happens.

I am going to make an Excel spreadsheet available that provides a relatively easy to follow player rotation suggestion (the link is to the CloudUp service where you can download the file) for anyone to use. It takes into account when all eight team members show up to when just four players are able to play. I imagine this would be usable for many leagues but this particular schedule is designed around the idea of playing seven doubles, seven triples, and five singles.

Feel free to use, share, or modify this to your heart’s content. If you find any concerns in the current version of the spreadsheet let me know; just end me an email or leave an appropriate comment below and I will try to get it sorted out and make any corrections available as soon as possible.

Thanks; and, throw a 180!!