Back on August 23 there was a WordPress theme review meeting that included a discussion (and vote?!) about restricting the number of new themes an author can submit to the WordPress theme repository. Current guidelines/rules make that a limit of one. Yes, a single theme (although supposedly updates to approved themes do not count)!!

I apparently missed that meeting (although I did go back and “vote” against the rule earlier today); and, I opened a discussion related to it on the WordPress #themereview Slack channel (it’s a long read now).

Hopefully I got my point across about it not being a good idea but there does not seem to be many, if any, supporters for changing it now (even if it was meant as a three month trial); although the idea to remove it when the queue is only a couple of weeks long was suggested. Unfortunately my schedule does not readily allow for midday meetings when the theme review team meets to discuss their latest ideas, or review past decisions … and using the rule as a queue shortener?! Really?

Little did I know all those years ago when a friend expressed his concerns for creating guidelines related to theme submissions that they would come to fruition. Even though I am no longer directly involved with the theme review team admins (or whatever appeasement title they choose to be known as) I can only hope that finding the time today to start the discussion will keep it fresh enough for the next theme review team meeting.

In the meantime, I am going back to developing my “new” theme; and, wondering where to publish it. Since the WordPress theme directory/repository and its myriad guidelines/rules may be making it not the best place to do so anymore (again?!!) I will have to start looking elsewhere.