Sometimes you just need to take what you can get … and today that is 11:08PM, when I started writing this post.

Five minutes in and I am stumbling about the keyboard; and, I’m not really having much to think about or write for that matter. The ideas are fleeting and I am just writing steam of conscience thoughts. Really just whatever comes to mind tonight although it really is rather thin and tenuous.

Ten minutes in now, and I’m still not really getting anywhere with this post, but more than anything else I am looking forward to having a new post with the latest variation of the Shades theme that I recently uploaded to the repository. Being deferred to as the team lead would allow me the luxury of approving my own theme without review, the most correct method is to have another team member give it the once over just in case I missed something.

Seventeen minutes and I am bringing this post to a close … sometimes you get what you can and move on.