Although I have not been writing as much on this site of late I have been posting on my other sites. Here is a short recap from the last week:

  • WPFirstAid: An Implementation of wp_nav_menu – This article will show how to implement the wp_nav_menu() function using the wp_list_pages() function as a fallback.
  • BuyNowShop: Shades 1.6 – The free WordPress Theme Shades version 1.6 is now live as of September 14, 2010.
  • Rattitude: H2 – … aka Aramis, one of our three boys from the Toronto Humane Society is this week’s Rat of the Week.

A short interlude of space and time can always be filled with substance from another place.

Is it a benefit or detriment to write on more than one site?

Some might argue the case it is splitting your readership to post on several sites while others may put forward the thought that each site represents a distinct content set.

I agree with the latter idea, but I can understand the merits to the first camp’s premise of keeping your readers focused on one site to better maintain their interest. It is under that same premise that I generally separate my content so my readers are able to focus on like content aside from it all being from the same author.

If you write on multiple sites, how do you separate your post ideas?