I am looking out at the horizon of my forty-fifth year, writing from the intersection of first and forty-fourth; or in other words, my first birthday blog post on my forty-fourth birthday.

I have looked at today as my New Year’s Day for longer than I can remember. There have been years I was introspective; some years were open and exciting; other years passed uneventfully; but, this year … this year starts a new decade!

I see myself continuing in my works with WordPress. I find it interesting; I enjoy delving into and explore its functionality; and, I see it as something to transition with into the future.

I plan to get back to writing, too. Maybe just more blogging, or maybe I will get to that book I have always dreamed of penning.

The imagination is a remarkable place, one without boundaries, waiting to be explored. A great story is only the road map to get you started.

Some interesting items to note from January 14, 1966: