I would have to say that our first meeting was a rousing success.

I left home about an hour before the scheduled meeting was to start. Most people who know me also know I often get lost, sometimes by chance often by choice as I like to check out new places and areas. One of the best ways to learn a little about an area is to start by getting lost in it.

I arrived at High Park about 30 minutes later. I do not recall being inside the park but I am sure I have been there before … maybe. I drove up Colborne Lodge Drive as the Google map showed a fairly easy and clear route to the Grenadier Restaurant in the middle of the park. Less than five minutes later, about a quarter of the way in, the northbound side of the road ended?! Having reviewed maps of the area (and having a print out with me) I thought … No problem, I will just go a little further east and take Parkside Drive and enter the park from the east side.

I drove out of the park; turned left on The Queensway; and, headed east looking for Parkside … I didn’t see it. I chose Sunnyside Avenue and headed north thinking I can turn around somewhere and head back west looking for Parkside … or some other route into the park. I drove around the block that St. Joseph’s Health Centre sits on and ended back on The Queensway heading west. I found Parkside … as I drove over its underpass.

No worries, I thought to myself, I will just drive back to Colborne Lodge Drive turn south and head back along Lakeshore Blvd W to Parkside and be on my way … it was closed for construction to eastbound traffic. I believed at this point I had managed the lost phenomenon! I drove a little further east along Lakeshore and there was a turn-around to head back west, which I took; and, as I was heading west trying to sort out the next approach I saw that Parkside was open to westbound traffic and proceeded north to High Park Blvd.

I entered the park and arrived at our meeting place at just before 1:45PM … this was a truly great starting experience. I got lost(?) and I still arrived early. I walked into the restaurant and looked around. It was busy. Lots of people in the park and a good deal taking advantage of the restaurant’s good food and warmth. I did not see any particular person or group that looked like our Meetup members immediately so I started walking through the restaurant looking for a potentially familiar face, or sign. I notice there was a more formal dining area, still causal, but a maitre’d podium with a “Please wait to be seated” sign drew me closer.

Craig Taylor, the organizer, was waiting to be seated … and so we began. We were followed by five more people and the meeting lasted for well over two hours. We discussed various WordPress related topics and sorted out some ideals for future meetings. The attendees (in an order following how we were seated around the table):

To join the group, just follow this link: http://www.meetup.com/WPToronto/