Last week was an interesting vacation; not what I expected nor had in mind but for the most part it was productive and we accomplished a few things that needed to be done.

Due to an unforeseen and most definitely unexpected accident we replaced our walk-in closet shelving with some much more sturdier industrial style racking. We also seem to have increased the open floor space in the closet, too. No pocket change for the racking (~$600) but well worth the peace of mind and additional space. The do-it-yourself aspect also made the project less of a chore and more of an accomplishment.

Unfortunately our hapless cat Roo will not be venturing into that closet anytime soon. It was one of his favorite places until he was buried under seven feet of clothing and a myriad amount of boxes and what-have-you items that were stored on the top shelf.

No worries, Roo is physically fine … just a bit nervous; although to help entice him back into his favorite haunt we made sure to allow for a special space and a brand new cat pillow for him to safely sleep on.

Now, re-charged and ready for more fun and games I am getting this week off to a start by catching up on my correspondence and other items of note.

I’ll see about getting some pictures posted … maybe I will even catch one of Roo in his new bed, too.