Last I wrote I was making a public statement about moving away from WordPress… well, that’s still mostly true. I’m not actively working within or around the community although I am still working with the platform all the same.

Now, that being said, if you really want to find me have a look at a wonderful Canadian company providing “an easy to use, powerful tool to run your fundraising auction.”

If the above sounds like an endorsement, don’t fool yourself… it really is!

I’ve been here a while and just thought it would a good time to say, I’ve been so happy to go to work every day that I just simply let other things slide a little bit (like posting here… and elsewhere). Being happy at work has been spilling over to other aspects of my life and letting me see and take different approaches allowing me to enjoy some odd hobbies, and start some new ones, too (more to follow on this at a later date).

So, if you are looking for me, why not find a worthy cause to help raise some funds and take a look at as one of your resources to do so… and if you run into any questions or concerns, I’ll be there to help you get them sorted out and addressed with the rest of the Auctria team.